Video: Bulldog Squishes Pug (Nicely)

We have a running joke in our household that if Klein’s (who is now almost 4 years old) first word was Peaches we would get a pug and name it Peaches. The onus was on our older son to teach Klein this lesson and he couldn’t quite pull it off (whew). But this video (please ignore the stupid video name from YouTube) made me bust out laughing … is exactly how it would have been at our house if we’d introduced a pug to Lunchbox.

Also, I’m a sucker for a British accent. (I’ve started this video right at the pug & bulldog smoosh session, but if you go back to the very beginning there’s a pretty funny French Bulldog trying to swim spot too – if you don’t mind a lot of swearing).

Enjoy and Slobber On!

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