Sheltering in Place, With a Bulldog

As far as Lunchbox is concerned the world is great! His family is home all day. His mom finally migrated and set back up his website (please, it’s not a blog anymore, wink wink). The kids hold snacks precariously close to his mouth. And the kids eat snacks ALL DAY. There are two breakfasts and two lunches and then just a teeny, tiny before dinner snack, and then after dinner, another snack.

He doesn’t have to be let out, because the door is always open, and no one really goes to bed, but everyone is always sleeping. Especially Lunchbox. He has enhanced his snoring so that it has three octaves, and he’s decided only to sleep in the bedroom where everyone can hear his new skill.

His deaf ears are filled with constant whispers – sometimes he’s a snake, and sometimes he’s a ranger, and sometimes, he’s a good boy – but he’s always involved and always game. Just don’t wake him up.

So really, it’s not so bad sheltering in place with a bulldog. But it is exhausting.

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