Ralph the 98.5-pound Bulldog in a Sweater


I gotta be honest. Ralph here doesn’t look that big to me. Maybe it’s the slimming sweater. Or maybe I better weigh Lunchbox again, but at a glance I never would have assumed Ralph was vying for “World’s Biggest Bulldog” honors. But his owners sent the numbers on the scale to prove it and said Ralphie here has a heart of gold to match. Now that, I believe.*

Scale of a 98 pound bulldog


*I also actually believe Ralph weighs what his owners say he weighs, he just doesn’t look like an almost 100-pound bulldog to me. I mean look at this 95-pound bulldog, then look at Ralph.

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  1. You are so funny!!! That is hilarious! The clip on koala with wtzhait made me laugh so loud, I woke my youngest up! lol. LOVin Frankie. I saw those goth zombies in the shop. You and I think alike. Love your post! Jacob is going to miss Frankie when he has to head to California!

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