Bulldog Cookie Jars


Above, my photo, below from the Anthropologie website. Pedigreed Cookie Jar, Bulldog $98 at Anthropologie.com


Threshold English Bulldog Cookie Jar, $19.99 at Target.com



I almost never buy anything at Anthropologie due to their prices, but their interior decorations alone are enough to warrant repeat visits. Plus, lately they’ve had at least one token bulldog item a year. In previous years it was these funny bulldog tea towels (which I did break down and buy), and this year, the “Pedigreed” Bulldog Cookie jar. Although I don’t have the counter space for a cookie jar – let alone the toaster – these are pretty cute. When I posted the first picture on Instagram it immediately elicited “must-haves”, but not for $100! So one of our social friends found the above all-white version at their local Target for only $20. Big Score. Now, about that toaster…

  1. Pottery Barn has bully salt and pepper shaker, with a “P” and “S” dangly hanging off their respective collar. Of course, we feel the “P” stands for “Phyllis” and the “S” stands for “Supreme Jerk!” We couldn’t resist…and I also resisted the cookie jar at Anthopologie, but just barely!!

    Phyllis and Oliver send their greetings!

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