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Lunchbox_bathroom Lunchbox_train
english bulldog with kids toys

Davis, age 2 “and a half”, also known as Mr. Motion, has a penchant for, as most toddlers do, flitting from activity to activity. As he settles in with one toy Lunchbox will approach the scene, occasionally looking for a loose toy to gnaw on, and occasionally deciding this is where we’re all settling so he should settle too. Just as Lunchbox gets comfortable and I run to get my camera (uh, iPhone) for a quick snap of the two of them playing nicely (as brothers should!), Mr. Motion flits off to the next activity. Half the time I’m left with a blurry montage of one blond or white head whirring out of the scene, and half the time I’m left with Lunchbox looking a little dumbfounded, and dare I say saddened, as to what just happened. And sometimes, it’s true, I just pose Lunchbox next to the toys because it seems like the right thing to do.



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