The Tale of the Appearing Pumpkin



SO, Engineer Dan has been cultivating a garden in our tiny townhouse backyard all summer. He’s had some success…and some failure. The pumpkin plant looked promising….it had many many vines that grew erratically and vociferously. It started to grow the world’s largest pumpkin…which then withered on the vine. It successfully annoyed our neighbor, who annoys us by bathing in the pool. But then it hit a frosty patch, and then it got stepped on, and then the gardener trimmed it a little too energetically. So then Engineer Dan was forced to admit defeat and he cut it back to nothing.

And that’s when the fully-formed pumpkin appeared. From out of nowhere, lying on its side. It wasn’t me. I promise.

So what do we do with a random pumpkin that appeared in our dying patch. Well we posed Lunchbox with it. Happy Halloween!

(IF all goes well we’ll have photos of a shark and Lunchbox to share…but no promises on that one.)

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