Meet Rescue Bully: Dottie! {Full name: Aphrodite Goddess of Love}

Here is a picture of our sweet Dottie (Aphrodite Goddess of Love is her registered name!).

English Bulldog Dottie


Dottie is a rescue from the St. Louis Bulldog Rescue. My husband is a huge Mississippi State Bulldog fan and for a wedding gift to him, I wanted to find him an English Bulldog. We almost adopted one from the Garland County Human Society but just as we were about to take her home, they found that Mabel had cancer. It had advanced too far to make adoption feasible. So the hunt was on again! I searched high and low and it was difficult to convince the rescue folks to adopt out of our own state. Arkansas does not have an approved bulldog rescue so I finally got in touch with Diana at the St. Louis Bulldog Rescue. Dottie is a retired show dog and was spending her life in a kennel. Her owner was elderly and couldn’t care for her.  Diana knew Dottie as she was the lady who showed her. She knew she would make someone a great pet. After talking to her and hearing Aphrodite’s story, John and I were ready to drive to Missouri. We met Diana at a foster home and she was everything we were looking for. Not only was the gorgeous but she was so friendly and energetic. She was ready to load up in the truck and go!

She made herself at home. My cat didn’t know what to think of her. I think he didn’t know what she was until she barked then you could read the expression on his face, ” Oh my god that is a dog!”

Bulldog riding in big yellow wagon

The Dottie Bulldog Wagon – Miss Sherbert would be jealous

Owning a bulldog is not for the faint of heart. We have been fighting a skin infection caused by allergies since December (it is August now). We have gone through numerous vet visits and finally to a doggie dermatologist from Memphis. For those of you who have a doggie with an outie tail, be thankful. Dottie’s tail curls in and doesn’t allow air to circulate in the deep pocket The infection smells really bad and gets on everything. We do our best to keep her clean but the only solution is to completely dock her tail. A very expensive surgery, so we will be doing our regular butt cleaning for awhile.

The plus side of this breed is the utter captivation everyone has with them. We take her for “walks” in her wagon on the Big Dam Bridge and people stop us and want to take her picture. Bulldogs are so sweet and gentle. I have seen her woo a child who was deathly afraid of dogs. A trip to the farmers market is a treat for her and the people there. One little boy was watching her for the longest time and asked me “is that a piggy?” I had to honestly say “yes!”

A fat bulldog lying on her side



bulldog playing with cat toys

I love cat toys!

Bulldog wearing swimming life vest

Do I really need this to get on the couch?

bulldog doing downard dog



{Thanks for sharing Dee! Looks like Dottie found a great home and I laughed out loud at the piggy reference – so true!!}

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