Happy Birthday Diego! One-year-old Bulldog!

baby and bulldog - grace and diego

1-year-old Diego and his four-month-old sister (and BFF) Grace



I’m pretty much smitten with these pictures. I think every parent is a little anxious when they have a new bundle of joy that their original bundle of joy, aka The Bulldog, will be a kind, loving friend to their little one. While it took Lunchbox and Davis a little while to warm up to each other, now they have a special bond — as in you mess with my baby and I will run into you head first with my bulldog head sort of bond. Clearly, Diego and little Gracie here had no trouble warming up to¬†one another. I can only imagine the birthday party (and cake) Grace will get for the big #1. Happy Birthday Diego!! (My how time’s passed! Check out pics of Diego when he was just 6 months.) Thanks to Andrea for sharing!


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