Hallmark Cheese Doodle Bulldog Card

It’s true: I’ve tipped. I happily receive all manner of bulldog cards for all manner of holidays. But I’ve always tried to refrain from also sending bulldog cards. I try not to be “that” person (although there’s nothing wrong with that, of course). But I do love bulldogs. And cheese doodles. And when I saw this Hallmark card featuring a real-life bulldog wearing real-life cheese doodles*, well it just so happened that my friend Em’s birthday was upon us. So I caved. And then I realized I’ve been sending bulldog Christmas cards for ever. I’ve always been that person. Why fight it.

*There was a really cute explanation on the back of this card about the bulldog in the pic (his owner entered him in a Hallmark contest and won, obvs). BUT the picture I took of the back of the card came out unreadably blurry…so I can’t share the details and I couldn’t find him on the Hallmarkcontests.com website. Sorry folks. Let’s all just enjoy his cute mug and make up a cute story about him. 

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