A Winter Missive from Phyllis Darlene and Oliver Charles

Hello there Lunchbox and the rest of the UB World! Thought we’d touch base with y’all and see how winter is treating you! We are, literally, up to our saggy, baggy dewlaps in snow. Like, we can’t even squat to take care of bid-ness kind of snow. Thank goodness our supes coolio Dada shoveled a path thru the back yard for us. Spring cannot get here fast enough! Nothing would make us more ecstatic than eating a gut full of grass and barfing it back up right about now!
Phyllis continues to be the essence of lady-like daintiness. When it comes to wrestle time, she is usually the rabble-rouser. Phylly tends to back down to Brother for the most part…unless it involves the “fetch” (Umm yeah, I use the word “fetch” loosely) ball, when she turns into Cujo. Sweetest little Bully girl on the planet!
Oliver is 65lbs of extraordinary stink eye! The Big O just LOVES to stand over Sister and steal her bones or twitch the afore mentioned dewlaps at her if she is so bold as to sniff in his general direction or, gosh forbid, his no-no spot! However, he can’t get close enough to her when it’s nap time (when isn’t it nap time in bully-land??) and generally has gotten pretty wussy about life in general. This is a very, very good thing.
Well, Ciao for now, Amigos! Slobber and toots coming your way!
Phyllis Darlene and Oliver Charles

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