Why Does My Bulldog Stare Into Space?

Dear UrbanBulldog:

Our ten year old bulldog stares into space for no apparent reason.
This has been going on since as far back as I can remember. Diesel may see dead people, or he may be just freaking me out for the fun of it. Anyone out there share this?

 Joe, Toronto  

Dear Joe, 
Sherbert did this occassionaly and we were pretty sure she just fell asleep with her eyes closed. We posed this to our friends on Facebook and two people said their bulldogs stare into space too. One read about vertigo in bulldogs, especially aging bulldogs. Anyone else have suggestions or experiences? Leave us a comment below!
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  1. It’s always something with these Bullies, isn’t it? We thought we’d seen it all with Phyllis, with her cherry eye, broken shoulder, double ACL repair along with a staph infection…then along came Oliver. He has a weird condition called, “Bulldog Head Tremors.” We thought he was seizing but it turns out, it’s a common condition in the growth years of the giant headed English Bulldog! Who knew?!? Look it up!
    Hugs and Slobber from arctic Minnesota!

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