Lunchbox Wants to Send You a Holiday Greeting. In the Mail.

Lunchbox is sorry. He hasn’t been a very good host this year. He hasn’t shared a lot of his photos. And he ate all the baby’s snacks himself. To make up for it (and to make sure he gets everything he asked for from Santa), Lunchbox would like to send you a personalized holiday card. He’ll sign it and lick the envelope himself (you’ve been warned). Which card you’ll get (there are 5) will be a surprise, but they all feature the #bulldog himself.  We only have 20 so send us your address and inscription request to and Lunchbox will get them in the mail ASA…as soon as he finishes his nap. 

Happy Holidays, and thanks for reading!
XO, Lunchbox

“The Tongue” card

  1. Lunchie,
    This holiday season, may your days be filled with snowy walks, your tummy filled with bully sticks and your nights filled with toots!
    Hugs and Slobber,
    Phyllis Darlene and Oliver Charles

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