Bullies BBQ, Hilton Head SC

So, a girl walks into a, BBQ joint … And realizes the name is not a ruse. The proprietor of said joint owns eight, 8!, French Bulldogs and all of their photos are hanging proudly at the service counter. (8 horizontally arranged bulldog pictures, by the way, is too many to fit in the frame of an IPhone camera.)

So of course we talked to said owner while also trying to take photos of all the of the bulldog paraphernalia on the wall, while also inhaling one of the two best meals on our vacay.

Turns out all the bulldogs are sweethearts, except the mother/daughter pair who have a tendency to rile everyone up.

My question is: how do you decide 8 bulldogs is enough? Ok, just one more. That’s 8, yep we’re good!

So the next time your in SC be sure to swing by Bullies BBQ : 3 Regency Parkway (attached, nicely, to a gas station) – Hilton Head, SC, by way of Ohio)

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