Bulldog Summer Cooling Tips

Sherbert loves her ice cubes.
She likes to eat (well, absorb) half of one and then leave the rest to melt on the kitchen floor for us to step on (preferably in socks).
While the Bulldog Dentist Association of American might not approve of this summer cooling tactic, Sherbert doesn’t really have a full set of teeth as it is, and she doesn’t chew them; she literally holds them in her mouth until she can’t take it anymore.
Then she spits out the rest and smiles.

*This shot was just good timing. That ice cube was intended for Sherbert’s mouth. She missed.

Tune in tomorrow for Tip #2
  1. Dang! I thought she was one of those trained doggies that can sit with treats on her nose until she got the command to toss it up and catch it in the air! I know, I know, I’ve got a bully, I know better!

    Riley likes to eat his ice straight from the cooler, he even knows how to open the lid all by himself (though he’s afraid of the lid, so someone has to hold it open).

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