Minnesota Bulldog Update

Heeeeyyyyy UB! How are things in your neck of the woods? Summer has been bueno here in Minnesota now that the rain stopped! We thought we were going to start growing moss on our lazy bully bodies with all the rain! Sheesh! Bad enough that Mother has to clean our tear stained eyes every day to keep from becoming yeasty much less dry our soggy paws off every time we go out to potty!
As you can see, Oliver has grown into quite the stud muffin now that he’s 1 year old! (And yes, I do believe that is cat poop stuck in his front teeth. Gross. Have you no dignity, young lad?) He’s become cracker jack at diving for toys in our pool and his slobber making abilities are second to none. He is a pretty cool dude to hang with, when he hasn’t got his nose in my privates…seriously dude, they were there yesterday!
I, of course, remain the essence of lady-bully with my dainty, feminine qualities. Now that we’ve learned how to get along, (let me tell you, Mother was about ready to to take us on a one-way field trip to the farm for most of the looooooooong winter:) life is pretty harmonious. Our days are spent sleeping (no surprise), snuffling (no surprise), rolling in stuff that’s heinous (REALLY no surprise, I’m sure), wrestling like a couple of ferrel strays (all in fun of course) and taking the occasional slooooooow walk around the block. 
Life is pretty sweet, I’d have to say!
Enjoy the rest of your summer, fellow UB followers!
Talk(bark) soon!! 
Phyllis Darlene & Oliver Charles
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