Help Save Meatball the Bulldog – Aspiration Pneumonia

Hi UrbanBulldog,

 I have been reading your blog since last summer when my boyfriend and I first decided that we wanted to get a bully of our own. Our little boy Meatball came home with us in January. I’ve been wanting to send in pictures of him for a while but was going to wait until this summer when we’re getting professional family pictures done. Yes, we do think of him as our own child… 🙂

 The reason I decided to contact you now is because something very unfortunate has occurred and I am hoping that you can help us. Yesterday Meatball went to the vet for his rabies vaccination. Last night while we were all sleeping he had a reaction to the vaccine and vomited. Since we were all sleeping we didn’t know that this had happened. This morning around 6AM I woke him up to bring him outside for his morning potty break. As soon as I lifted him off of the bed he began gagging. I put him on the floor and he collapsed to the ground- it was as if his legs just simply stopped working. He started vomiting and also completely lost control of his bladder and bowels. I immediately rushed him to the vet where he had another collapsing episode in the waiting room. He has since been diagnosed with Aspiration Pneumonia, when he vomited in his sleep he breathed it back into his lungs. As fellow bully parents I know that you are aware of the sensitive bulldog respiratory systems and can understand how serious this is. The vet has told us that he has a 50/50 chance of recovery and that the next few days will be very critical for him. We are lucky because we caught it early but he is still very sick. So far Meatball has been given oxygen, nebulizer treatments and IV antibiotics. All of these treatments are necessary for him but also very costly. The vet has given us a rough estimate that the cost of all of the treatments will be around $3000. He has also told us that if at any time we are financially uncomfortable proceeding with the treatments that euthanasia is always an option. For us, euthanasia is not an option. Meatball is only 6 months old and a part of our family and we are going to do whatever it takes to save him. We have set up an online donation page at

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

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