Is this the World’s Biggest English Bulldog?

Several years ago I created a post called “Is this the World’s Smallest Bulldog?”. It was started because Sherbie was petite and then we met Scooter who was even daintier. The post got a lot of traffic, and I still have people commenting to say their bulldog is the tiniest.

Recently, Rosie and Theo suggested we do a post about the biggest bulldog, because Kingsley the Bulldog on Instagram caught their eye as a big dude. So we looked around and turns out there are quite a few big bullies:

Frank here is over 85 lbs.
I don’t think he’s hiding his head behind the cone in shame.
I know LB would love to be 85 pounds.
Thanks to @ErinLundmark for sharing Frank.
I actually can’t remember how much Gigi weighs (here with Marcus), but I remember being astonished at how big she was. Especially compared to Sherb & puppy LB. (Check out the photos from when we met Gigi, they’re adorable.)

And here we have a bully who claims to be over 95lbs.!!

So I’m left with two questions: anyone know an English bulldog over 95 lbs.?

And how do these people get their bulldogs in the bathtub???

  1. I wanted to know what’s the best bloodline for English bulldogs. If I’m going to spend my money why not want the best. So if everyone have the correct answer let me know please. Thank You.

  2. We had a bulldog who unfortunately just passed away. He was 110lbs (not all fat he was just BIG). He would have been 7 this July and died from dilated cardiomyopathy.

  3. my aunt had a bulldog when I was a little girl that weighed more than 200lbs. I asked her what kind he was but she has Alzheimer’s and doesn’t remember. He was so big that my uncle had to take the front passenger seat out of his porche so that Winston could fit inside to ride with him. He was a very sweet, gentle big boy.

  4. Some bullies are just larger then others. My biggest was 130 lbs.and was the king of the neiborhood. Nothing messed with him. Have an 80lb. Female. Now have an 80 lb. Puppy 1 year old

  5. Mine was 40 to 43 kilograms he probably could of weight up to 60 if he ate more food he was a good bulldog his mother is a olde bulldog and dad is a bulldogg died of testicular cancer rip ..

  6. No purebred english bulldog should be much over 60 lbs if they are properly bred, the AKC standard says 55. An 80,90,100 lb bulldog is either not purebred, or grossly fat. I think people are confusing the english bulldog with other breeds like the Olde English Bulldogge which is larger.

  7. I have a spina bifida baby boy, born 9/5/15, 38.5# and full of love and life! He does know to go outside, to potty, he’s just not 100% sure it’s all out, so sometimes he wears a diaper. He goes with me everywhere, and his first Mom had him do acupuncture and aquatherapy! I’m so proud of him, he’s my pride and joy! His name is Grunt E. Dawg. πŸ™‚

  8. My English bulldog was over 104 pounds and after weight management and exercise he is down to a minimum of 85 lbs. He is a monster and looks lean but muscle bound. He would put these dogs to shame when it comes to size. I wish I could post a photo of him for people to see. He’s pure bred with AKC paperwork as well. Just to throw off the naysayers.

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