Bulldogs Around the Web, Part 2

We may be blogging a little less these days, but we’re still talking to and discovering bulldog lovers everywhere! Here’s our second installment of Bulldogs Around the Web!

Bulldog Chachee and his co-pilot

Engineer Dan and I both choked up a bit when we received this missive on our Facebook page from Dayna:

I gotta tell you this, because you are our inspiration to be Urban and cool like the fabulous Sherbert and LB; but I finalllllllllllly got my bulldog to take a ride in our wagon today! My husband has been trying to get rid of that wagon for eons now (my little girl got it when she a mere babe, and she’s eight now) but I won’t give it up because I knew this day would come, hahahaha!

The proof is above! How awesome is that?

Frankie’s mom also found us on Facebook to share a recipe for homemade sweet potato treats. Maybe she saw my cry for help on Twitter after I burned all the sweet taters I was making for Baby D. Luncbhox only wishes I made him homemade doggie treats!

Be sure to head over to Kelly’s blog for more details!

In addition to LB frolicking in the snow that we posted over the weekend, there are several other bullies playing in the wet stuff on our FB page.

Fiesta with Simone the Frenchie!

AND FINALLY, the dynamic Rosie and Theo (look for rosie_theo if you’re on Instagram) has suggested we do a post on The World’s Biggest Bulldog to rival our ever popular World’s Smallest Bulldog post. SO, if you have a bulldog that’s tipping the scales please send us a note at submit@urbanbulldog.com, or any of our social media outlets!


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