One-eyed Pup, Baby Cooper, and the Penn Jersey Roller Derby

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Your eyes are not deceiving you.

Featured here we have a one-eyed pup (named Pup) proudly wearing his hoody and chains and baby Cooper.
Both are the unofficial official team mascots (and I’m sure there’re a few others) for the Penn Jersey Roller Derby of which both of these fellows mamas are members (Cooper’s mom Erin, a.k.a. Laura Bomber, is pictured above sporting some sweet skates.) Pup belongs to my friend Liz (a.k.a. Absolutely Stabulous), who should really be running this blog because between Pup and all the other fur-babies that infiltrate her life (in a good way of course) she’s never short of a good dog story or photo (and she lives in, like, a real city).

Thanks to Taco (a.k.a Chris) for taking and sharing these photos with us. You can view more of his pics at

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