Bulldogs Around the Web

There’s a whole lot of bulldogs on the interwebs these days. Here’s what crossed the UrbanBulldog’s radar this week:

Lunchbox and Baby D.
Just seconds before Baby D had his hands pressed against the mesh and LB was happily nuzzling them.
More pics on our Facebook and Instagram pages.
The beginning of a doggy play date that never got off the ground. Stink eyes galore. Lunchbox, stage left, being carried by ED.
MUDD the trampolining bulldog – so funny!

An update from Simone the Frenchie!

And in case you haven’t heard…there’s more than one bulldog Lunchbox in this world, and the other one’s pretty freaking cute too (click the image to read more).

Thanks to Lars, Engineer Dan, Jenn, and Baby D for their contributions this week!

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