The DIY Bulldog-Surfing Ornament Off

So, if you’ve been following UB on social media you’ve been watching the progression of the DIY bulldog-surfing Xmas ornament. The back story is that my BFF and I decided we’d each make an ornament featuring our pet and surfing, and then we’d swap. My friend, an adult, has a bunny named Bunny. She enlisted the help of the art teacher at her school and made the amazing ceramic bunny surfing below. I enlisted the creative minds at the magazine where I work and we then set up a garage photo shoot with LB, followed by a little PhotoShop work. The final product is a little light on quality craftsmanship like bunny, but it was a fun project nonetheless. Below, the process. Happy New Year, love KT, LB, Engineer Dan, and Baby D.

Ps. We’ll post the winner of our No Bull Treats holiday photo contest soon! Still a few hours to enter!


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