DeBo & Chef – Bulldog Brothers!

We first met DeBo (left) several years ago when his parents were getting married.

And now he’s sharing his house (and the family bed!) with his brother, Chef (isn’t that a great bully name?). 

Chef was with another family who could no longer care for him, so DeBo’s family decided the two brothers should be together again – and the reunion has been awesome (just look at the grin on DeBo’s face).

We love hearing stories like this! Thanks to Troy for sharing and happy snuggling to the whole family.

  1. Chef was named after his original owner (who was a certified chef:) and the name still works because my husband is also a chef! …….and he looks like one with his white coat:)

  2. WOW! Chef is sporting one impressive set of jowls! Phyllis & Oliver think he would be a wonderful kissy-smoocher! And DeBo’s smile is priceless! So glad to hear they are together again!
    Soooooooo…I wonder if there will be another 4 legged, farting, slobber-box added to Lunchie’s family anytime soon??

  3. I love hearing how Chef got his name! I also think Coach would be a great bully name! And Allison, no immediate plans to add another bulldog. Right now we still want our Miss Sherbert and I don’t think another bully can fill those shoes yet. I think we’ll revisit when Baby D is walking!

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