Red Wagon Salute to Bully Falco

When I first started this blog, I didn’t know what to expect.
Would anyone send in pictures? Would anyone get it?
But almost right away people did send in pictures, and they did get it, and this blog has become not only a place to showcase stories of Sherbert, and then Sherbert & Lunchbox, but to showcase stories of all the other bullies out there.
Falco here has been on of our longest and most regular contributors. We’ve marveled at his costumes, and his extreme good will in posing for the camera…even if his mild stink eye tells another story.
Earlier this year Falco was diagnosed with lymphoma. Falco underwent chemo and all paws were crossed for a full recovery, but I learned this morning that Falco has gone over the rainbow bridge. We will sadly miss his photos, and sharing in a little bit of his life, but hope that he’s found Miss Sherbs and all the other bulldogs in the Happy Hunting Grounds as Engineer Dan likes to call it. Our hugs to Kelly and her family and please enjoy a few of our favorite posts about Falco:

  1. Very sad news indeed. Just like Sherbert, he will always occupy a special place in our heart. We will miss him terribly. He always made us smile and laugh!

    My heart goes out to his family.
    From Tarryn & TequilaBulldog in South Africa

  2. Falco has been a favorite on Twitter…we all love him and he made everyone laugh. Thanks for the memories. Love to your family…I’m sure Collins will miss you so much! Gracie Bullymonst and mom

  3. Shoot…the Butler Bully home is SO sad for Falco’s family! Our hearts pour out love to you all. Phyllis and Oliver send a sad little snort in memory of sweet Falco! Run across that Rainbow Bridge, Big Guy!

  4. Everyone posteing here “Does Get It” The more you love the more you grieve…good luck to Falco’s fam…you were great and showed that dog just how much you loved him!!!!!!!

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