Happy Birthday Bulldog Oliver!

That was then…
…this is now.
I am NOT a Nylabone!
OK…so…he is a good snuggler.
And pretty darn cute!

Hi Lunchbox!

What up, LB?? Phylly D. here…It’s been just over 3 months since Oliver Charles, a.k.a, “The Pest” moved in and I’m beginning to wonder if his peeps have forgotten him ’cause there’s NO sign of them coming back to pick him up! Dang it.

I tell you, that boy gets all the attention! And more treats for going pee than I EVER got! I do, however, get a treat just for being cute when he gets one for peeing!
He’s 5 months old today, September 14th, and outweighs me by a couple pounds…Whoa fella, put the fork down! Seriously, he wants to eat his kibble and mine…not gonna happen!
I will say, he is pretty fun to wrestle with and now that he can run as stealthily(HA!) as I do we make tracks around the park at least twice a day. No Red Radio Flyer needed here…just yet!
I have taught him the fine are of “chainsaw snoring” and he’s pretty much crackerjack at it. Mom and Dad have to run the bathroom fan at night for white noise…yep, I taught him well!
Well, gotta run (or wobble, let’s be honest). Good to catch up with you!  Pretty soon the snow is going to fly and I’m SO all over that! Tell your mom to put some new shots of you up on the blog.* I’m sure there’s a shot or two of you snuggling with that sweet baby Davis?? We all know how Bullys LOVE their human kiddos, huh?
Hugs and Slobbers,
Phyllis Darlene and Oliver Charles

Dear Phyl D and Ollie – 

Happy B-day big boy! Thanks for writing Phyl D! Ollie, You get treats for going pee?! I pee all the time, everywhere, and no treats for me. What’s up with that? Glad to hear you guys are making it work. Just be grateful you don’t have a human baby in your house – but wow, licking baby hands?!? Best. Thing. Ever. And those binkys? I think they were made by the Nylabone people. I can literally stick my paw in the crib and extract one when no one is looking. hahaha. Anyway, mom says she will post new photos soon! Next week is MY b-day, #2, and I get my very own collar (no more of Sherbie’s girlie hand me downs!). Oh, and mom says there’s one more day to enter our contest. You could win lots of nummy snacks…but mom says I’m “prone to fatness” so no nummy snacks for me. Except binkys!!!

  1. Lunchie-my-Man…I am 2 years old on Monday, September 17th…I think we are soul mates! I will eat my Frosty Paw and give a big belch in your honor! Happy Birthday to you, my blogger bully friend!

    XOXO, Phylly D:)

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