8) The Mushroom Bed

This is the third post in a series of my 10 favorite memories of my friend, Sherbert
10) Long Walks

9) Animal Encounters

8) The Mushroom Bed

Katie has done a wonderful job of explaining the mushroom bed.  And why Sherbert loves it.  A few months after Sherbert joined our family I felt guilty (well, not that guilty as she looked really cute/hilarious) about making Sherbert sleep on the floor and came home with the first of her many, many beds from Target.  Sherbert did a number on these; the cheap foam would never stand up more than two or three months against her scratching paws.  Still, regardless of how disheveled, that little dog loved to crawl into the bed for a nap (perhaps because of the boundaries at the time).  Eventually Katie and I grew weary of our expenses at Target and found the mushroom bed for Sherbert, a bed that lasted years instead of weeks, a bed the took comfort and security to a whole new level.  Regardless of where we where (Crested Butte, Montana, Santa Fe) so long as the mushroom bed was there Sherbert felt at home.
  1. What a sweet story…Sherbert sounds like a sweet soul. So sorry for your loss..We lost our sweet Bumble last year to a tragic accident and it is still very painful. It is nice however to remember the good times. I have enjoyed looking through your blog. Hugs. The mushroom bed is fabulous.

  2. Miss Sherb had very good taste in collars and as we have learned “Mushroom” beds….So glad that she had rents who knew that…..

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