9) Animal Encounters

This is the second post in a series of my 10 favorite memories of my friend, Sherbert
10) Long Walks

9) Animal Encounters

Sherbert had a number of encounters with other furry animals after coming to live with us.  Other dogs, she could generally blame us.  Some of the many other creatures, she could not.  For example, when she actually “caught” a squirrel (it was a true story by the way).  Or the various cats, which after a few seconds of consideration, decided that Sherbert was unlikely to be a threat (good observation given lack of teeth, speed, and overwhelming apathy)  and would come up to sniff her.  Then, back when we lived in the cave, there was a red fox who frequented the neighborhood; this fellow was relatively calm around humans but would tear off whenever hearing a dog bark.  After a few months of silence from Sherbie the fox must have decided she was not a threat.  So one day while Sherbert and I were on a walk, the fox, lazily, walked right up to her and they sniffed noses.  I of course just stood their flabbergasted.  The fox then took off, never to be seen again.  It appeared that just like other dogs (with the exception of Mango and the squirrel) other animal species wanted to explore and then ignore our wonderful little Sherbert.


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