10) Long Walks

Shortly after Sherbert left us I wanted to do this but it was too hard for me to think about.  Now I can finally, I think, share my favorite ten memories of my friend Sherbert.

10)  Long Walks 
During the first few months after Sherbert came to live with us I greatly encouraged her to go for walks.  As she was my first dog I had assumed that all dogs like and need to go for walks; I figured that after having been couped up in a cage all of her life Sherbert would relish being outside on a walk.  Perhaps it was not so as displayed in her glacial pace, a pace so slow that Katie eventually just stopped coming on walks with us.  Eventually, and after many 45 minute walks around half a block, Sherbert started to expand her distance.  Slowly we started going for blocks until once we walked all the way downtown and back (2 miles!); that said it took us the better part of three hours to accomplish this feat.  Afterwards we stayed in our neighborhood, largely due to time constraints and the fact that Sherbert slept for 10 hours after our biggest walk, which led to many adventures.  One of my favorites was when we were walking along our street by a neighbors house that had a beautiful garden of tulips along the sidewalk.  Sherbert, being a sweet little girl, stopped to smell them.  With a gentle gleam in my eye I peered admiringly down on my little dog; she gave me a brief conspiratorial glance and proceeded to chomp down on the innocent flower.  Quickly I encouraged her towards home, hoping no one noticed…

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