From the Vault: Sherbert and Lunchbox Photos

Engineer Dan just found these photos in a folder marked “Montana”.
They are from when we first got LB and he was trying to be friends with Sherbert. 
Jury is still out whether Sherb ever considered LB a “friend”, but I’m so glad Dan found these photos.

  1. Hi Michelle,

    LB seems to be doing just fine. At first I don’t think he noticed anything was different, but after about a week he seemed to need more snuggles than usual. And one day when Dan took him for a walk they saw a little *human* boy in a wagon and Dan said LB ran right up to the wagon for a look inside and seemed bummed that it wasn’t Sherbert. That about caused a breakdown for us! LB was also quick to take over Sherbert’s mushroom bed, so all in all I think he handled it pretty well.

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