Meet Oliver Charles, 8-week-old English Bulldog

Ms. Phyllis Darlene would like to proudly introduce her new brother: 8-week-old Oliver Charles!

Oliver Charles arrived a week ago, and in the words of his mama: It’s been one crazy week full of…

…reminders of the challenges of an 8 week old puppy! Seriously, do they need to pee and poop THAT much??

…reminders of how much more a 5 1/2 month old Bulldog, the age we got Phylly D, knows about life, in general!

…reminders of complete exhaustion at days end…Yea! He’s sound asleep, albeit in MY bed like a good puppy mama NEVER does…but none-the-less, Yea! he’s sound asleep!

…the joys of puppy breath, MMMM-MMM!

…the joys of being SURE Oliver has learned what, “Go potty, Oliver!” means, until we get back in the house and he pees on the carpet…again!

…the joys of waking up and finding a new freckle spot that emerged on Oliver’s nose overnight!

…the joys of watching a 47lb bulldog play with a 12lb bulldog…”Gentle Phyllis!!”

…the ultimate joy of watching them pack their combined 60lbs into a small pad to nap together!

These photos even made Engineer Dan go AWWWWW! Thanks to Allison for sharing, and we’re glad to see that P D is looking so great and healthy.


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