How Much is that Bulldog in the Kids’ Swing…

Buster, The Little Rascal by Ron Schmidt

If you look really closely, you can see my silhouette in the photo, ha.

I posted this photo last month on our Facebook page, but I wanted to follow up with a little detail.

There is no shortage of bulldog accessories in Baby Davis’s room – the baby clothes maker Carters especially loves using bulldogs on baby clothing, and I’m pretty sure we own every one of those outfits – but this photo, from his great aunties, is one of our favorites.

The photo is by Ron Schmidt and part of his Loose Leashes collection. Mr. Schmidt is a former fashion photographer (which explains why he loves bulldogs!) who found his niche when he created an Xmas card featuring his yellow lab carrying a Christmas tree.

Be sure to check out Mr. Schmidt’s collection (it features all doggie breeds) and keep your eyes peeled for the photo title Lazie – the Loafer, another excellent bulldog shot.

  1. Looks like Mr. Schmidt has an excellent eye for the beauty that dogs are. We especially love the baby bulldog in the swing…works perfectly for a babys room…..Lucky Davis

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