Meet Rico Suave the Bulldog

First off, thank you for all the kind words regarding Miss Sherbert. She was much loved by those who knew her personally and virtually! Chances are she will still make appearances on this blog because she is and will forever be The Muse!

But now back to business! I’d like to introduce  you to Rico Suave. Rico is two years old and he weighs 68 pounds! Rico thinks his adorable blue sweater makes him look all preppy and stuff, not the imagine he wants to convey, but I have a hunch other UB readers will dig it so his mama says you can find it at Petsmart.
Thanks for being patient with the posting of your pictures Rico and thanks to your mom for sharing!
  1. Hi Rico! You’re gorgeous!

    Shhhhh…don’t tell anyone but Phyllis will have some BIG news in the coming weeks…Rhymes with, “Shm-Oliver,” is little, wrinkly, currently 7 weeks old and has the sweetest breath you can imagine! Stay tuned!

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