Zoe Dumplin’: A True Urban Bulldog

Fact: Bulldogs have intriguing faces.
But something about Zoe Dumplin’s face really grabs my attention. It’s the wideset eyes and the heavyset wrinkles; I just want to sit on the stoop with Zoe and pour my heart out.
This gal looks like she can keep a secret. 
Other reasons to like Zoe: Being a San Francisco dog, Zoe has real UB cred. The original UBs are admittedly getting a little too comfy on the sofa these days.
And, her name ends with Dumplin’.  Bonus points.

For more pictures of Zoe, check out her Facebook page.

Thanks to Rocio for sharing!

(p.s. I’m also glad to see we’re not the only ones who think Socks on a Bulldog Head, is a fun game. We play it regularly.)

  1. Phylly D loves Zoe D! With a wrinkle rope like that over her nose, how could you not love her?
    XOXO and slobber, Phyllis Darlene and Allison:)

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