Friday with a Frenchie! The International Edition

Bonjour! Zdravo! My name is Leonardo, like the famous painter.
I am a French Bulldog and I live in Serbia. 

I am 16 months…and very playful.
If you kiss my nose, I will kiss you back!

But, please, no tennis balls or rubber bouncy balls.
I only like soft little toys I can fit snugly in my mouth.

My favorite snacks are bread and CHEESE! Just like Sherbie.
But unlike Sherbie, I believe in portion control.
I am a Frenchie afterall.

Silly…that’s not a cat!
That’s me on the people bed after a long day of fun.
I have a doggie bed…but only for siestas.
But really, who needs a doggie bed, when there are people laps to rest my heavy head.
I am just a bulldog after all.
Happy Friday from a happy Frenchie!

Thanks to Jovana for sending along these photos and you can find more pics of Leonardo on his Facebook page!
 If you have a Frenchie you’d like featured on Frencie Friday (it’s new!) please send them to or


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