Meet Link the Farm Bully!

This is the abridged story of a bulldog named Link.
It could have been a sad story, because Link started out a sick little guy.

Every time he would eat kibbles his lungs would fill with fluid and he’d become ill.
The Vet said Link needed SURGERY for a hiatal hernia* and that his very narrow trachea was not helping matters.
Link said he just needed to prop his head up on something and he’d be fine.

Faced with this tough decision and some major life changes, his mama decided to pass on the surgery, and instead started giving Link wet doggie food. They also moved to a farm.

At the farm Link began to thrive! The wet food was a seeming cure-all, and Link made lots of new friends and confidants.
After a couple years Link was able to return to the dry food without an issue. Now, all he has to think about is…
Does he want to ride in the car…

Or sit in the pool? Ah, the bulldog life.

Thanks to Amy for introducing us to Link and you can find more pictures of Link on his Facebook page.

*A hiatal hernia is when  part of the stomach sticks upward into the chest, through an opening in the diaphragm, says Links mama.


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