Cleaning a Bulldog’s Face Folds

Angel Bulldog: Sherbie will literally rest her head in one of my palms and allow me to work the crevasses of her face with my other hand. 

Feisty Bulldog: Lunchbox literally requires a headlock and then you have approximately one nanosecond to take a swipe at his folds before the thrashing begins.

But as you all surely know keeping a bulldog’s facial folds clean is paramount to keeping their skin healthy and their beautiful appearance intact.

Now that we have two bulldogs there was a small hope that they would clean each other – like cats. And while they do excessively lick one another, especially on the heads, I wouldn’t say it is a cleansing lick. Instead Sherbie’s head is becoming an interesting shade of brown-orange, and no amount of bath time and coconut shampoo is doing the trick. And the paws? Another story all together. Between holding bones and licking away the leftovers both dogs’ paws are the color of popsicles. Exotic blood orange popsicles.

The vet has recommended chlorhexidine pads, especially for cleaning LB’s face which has the tendency to produce sores. And that works, when we can get at him. But he can smell them from a mile away and then he cringes and thrashes – That can’t be good for those wrinkles!

So I’m curious the techniques and tactics everyone else is using to keep their wrinkly friends pristine. I posted this question on Twitter recently and the response was unscented baby wipes which are only to be found in specific aisles of specific stores, such as Walmart. Please drop us a comment below!

  1. It is a constant chore keeping Phyllis’ face, chin and legs fungus free. She also grows a lovely, sticky, sour smelling nastiness on her tummy when it’s warmer. Gross! We use two products; PhytoVet CK Antiseptic flush, (which is probably the pad you spoke of. We originally got a little, tiny jar of pads with the same lovely scented pink liquid for a lotta greenbacks at the vet) and Dermachlor 4% shampoo, that I use all over her bully body, diluted, as kind of a sponge bath. I found both online, much cheaper. The smelly pink wash (I LOVE the smell myself, but Phyllis takes objection, like LB!) is available in a bottle with out the pads. I use a soft wash cloth and get more for my money that way. I swear, bulldogs grow mildew, like sloths. Wait…sloths are lazy, sleepy, inactive mammals…okay, now I see the connection!

    Kisses from Phyllis Darlene:)!

  2. I also use unscented baby wipes on my bully, Foxy. But it is a chore. I have to use a lot of treats & I have to hold her still in b/w my legs. She def hates it & I can tell that it is so irritated afterwards, as it’s so red. My vet suggested using corn starch. She told me that after I clean her wrinkles to put a little corn starch in to dry it all out. The problem is, I can barely keep her still to clean her wrinkles do its been impossible to put the corn starch! She’s a strong bully!!

  3. I haven’t had major problems with Hudson, so I typically use gentle/unscented baby wipes and then use Balmex in the folds to keep moisture out. It works like a charm.

  4. We use medicated wipes (Sorry, can’t remember the name of them) on our bully Churchill. He’s pretty good about his “puppy spa treatment” for the face, and he deals with his ears getting cleaned, but hates anything to do with his paws.

  5. Frank really does not like us to clean his folds (we use medicated wipes from our vet). As soon as Frank smells the wipes he tries to bury his face in the comforter

  6. We use medicated face wipes on our bully as she tends to get yucky yeasty folds. She hates the medicated wipes but as she always get a treat afterwards she tolorates it.

  7. Late in the game here, but I use
    -multi-purpose contact lens cleaner to clean the folds. The boric acid in the in cleanser is what helps.

    -If the bullies’ folds are yeasty I may use Epiotic cleanser, which is what we use for ears too…it’s medicated, it works well.

    -Unscented baby wipes to clean things, but not necessarily to clean the folds. Target brand baby wipes come in unscented…that’s what we use.

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