Introducing “Mo & MiMo”

You know them as Sherbert & Lunchbox, or by one of the many iterations of those names (Miss Sherb, Sherbilicious, LB, Lunchie).

But inside the UB HQ, the bulldogs have many personas.
One of which is Mo & MiMo, or the Monster and MiniMonster (guess which is which?).

Mo & MiMo are the stars of my work-in-progress children’s book based on the real-life Sherbert & Lunchbox and I’d like to start introducing you to these characters and have you help me weave their story.

You’ll see a lot of similarities between S&L and Mo&MiMo – why wouldn’t you? But there’s also a lot the pretend monsters can do that the real bulldogs can’t – that’s when the fun begins!

Here is one idea I’m playing with story-wise:

In the back courtyard of Sunny Slope West live two bulldogs on patrol.
Mo is tall, and his ears go flip-flop. Just a pup, he has 24 strong teeth and an appetite that won’t stop.
MiMo is small with downy fur and two shiny teeth in front. She’s an old lady, almost 10, who can no longer run a step.
Once a decorated guard dog, known for her twinkle toes, MiMo is now just too slow. 
Her enemies have always been the chi-wow-wows, the neighborhood yippy yaps. They are teeny-tiny, and oh-so-fast.
Mo is her pup replacement; his youth means he is fast. But his ears hold a secret: he can’t hear a sound, not even breaking glass.
A deaf guard dog is a problem, just like one who cannot run. MiMo was sure she’d been given a dud.
On the first day of training they lined up for basic drills. MiMo blew her mighty red whistle, and Mo …snuffled for snacks. MiMo clapped and howled while Mo…ate flowers and grass?

To be continued….


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