Instagram Bulldogs

Recently the bulldogs, Engineer Dan, and I, plus a handful of friends, went to the mountains for a ski weekend.
There was little snow and lots of ice, and we spent a lot of time back at our six-level ski house talking to the bulldogs (OK, I spent the most time doing that, but that’s usual). 
Try staying in a six-level house with one geriatric bulldog who can’t do steps and one deaf bulldog who doesn’t want to leave your side (and really that was a blessing, because how would we have found him otherwise?). Fun all around.
One of the best parts of the weekend was that our good friend Willi (photographer and gardening book writer extraordinaire: See loved taking photos of the doggies with her many iPhone apps.
These two made their way onto Instagram, and secured the doggies just a bit more fame. I wish I could say it wasn’t going to their heads.
  1. Phyllis sits just like Lunchbox! I’ve always thought is was as a result of two bad knees, a bad hip and wacky shoulders! It’s just a bully thing! We like to say she’s covering up her “lady parts” with the leg in the middle!
    And Sherb looks so “retro” in her picture!

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