Bulldog Pajama Pants from J.Crew

You know you have good girlfriends when they will force your husband to buy pajama pants a) from J.Crew and b) that feature bulldogs wearing antlers. 
These gems were found at the J.Crew outlet in Silverthorne, CO and if it wasn’t for said persuasive friendly shoppers, Engineer Dan would have passed them right by.

Another friend picked up a pair for her sister featuring pugs, I think, wearing antlers. I must say bulldogs are much better situated to wear antlers, size-wise and all.

It doesn’t look like J.Crew is selling these pants online…but I did find this:

Boys’ long-sleeve holiday bulldog tee

Too bad it doesn’t come in Big Kid sizing…or Dan would have quite the outfit!
p.s. Happy 400th Blog Post! Perhaps not the blowout of a blog post y’all were hoping for, but merry nonetheless!
Frosty Paws all around!
  1. Happy 400th blog post tooooooooooooooooo youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Thanks for all the laughs (LB’s poofy jowls!), darling pictures (Stink eye!) and for sharing your blog space with all of our beloved bullys! We are a unique community, to say the least! Hugs and slobber from Allison & Phyllis Darlene in MN!

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