ESPN Cover: Kissing a Bulldog

Recently a bulldog was on the cover of The New York Times Magazine.
I received a lot of emails, texts, and concerned inquiries whether I’d seen it (uh, still haven’t somehow…), and whether I’ve read it (soon soon, I promise), and whether I had an opinion (YES! So glad my bulldogs are well-proportioned, more or less, and relatively *knock on wood* healthy!).

But then a couple weeks ago I was at the gym, avoiding my ever-growing reading list of Time’s and Newsweek’s and The New York Times in-depth articles about bulldog genetics, and, honestly, looking for an US Weekly….when I saw THIS cover!

No one emailed me about this. Or called. Or sent the wet wipes.
I’ve kissed a lot of bulldog in my day. Mainly on the head. But we’ve had the accidental lip graze now and then, I’ll admit. But then I thought LB might be eating his own poo…

And then I saw this!?!

What do you think. Ew or Aww?

Tune in next week for my in-depth analysis of The New York Times article. Or, actually, it might be a few more weeks. But I promise we have more *cute* bulldog pictures coming soon.

  1. We stand behind Phyllis and say, “Kiss, Phyllis!” and she lifts her sweet, chubby, adorable, irresistible, underbitten, night crawler bottom lip up for a kiss! Now, THAT’S awwwwww….

    Would I let her suck face with me like that? Hmmmmm…I’m leaning a little more toward ewwww!

  2. Despite my issues with germs, I love my bully boy. He doesn’t eat the poop of anything (his own or other dogs’) so I am happy to smooch him and be smooched by him. Of course, if he’s been into something questionable, he usually gets a good cleaning first.

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