Teaching an Old [Bull]Dog New…Steps

So for Christmas Grandma bought Sherbie her own set of stairs. We wanted them so when she decided (after five or six hours) to finally get off the big chair upstairs, she wouldn’t have to blow a kneecap to do so. But we’ve had them for a couple weeks now and the learning curve for poor Sherb is steep. This video is from her first attempt, and I wish I could say it was all uphill from there. But really, there’s been a lot of downhill in glorious bulldog style. But she’s a good sport, isn’t she? Enjoy!
  1. well, there is an easy fix to this…grandma is trading the steps in for a ramp….the steepness factor of the drop down will be eliminated.

  2. She needs a non slip mat at the foot of the steps,she has no traction with her nails on that slick floor. Small rubber backed carpet will do it.

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