Tater Tott’s Martha Stewart Bulldog Sweater from PetSmart

Hi Sherbert & L.B.-

It got cold in Texas. It made Tater cold and wreaked havoc on her skin. She had to have a sweater to wear to the annual Lights in the Heights tour in Houston. She got to strut her stuff and got love from so many strangers….I don’t think she is going to get out of the bed today. She was just thankful she did not have to wear the reindeer ears. But I thought they were pretty darn cute. We found the sweater at PetSmart and it was a Martha Stewart design. It’s a size large. Tater is about 45 lbs ( I know-never reveal a woman’s weight) but she is proud of her curves. It has really cute brown buttons on the bottom, too. 

Y’all keep warm. Tater got to play in snow once when she was about 8 months old. She LOVED it! She wishes more would be sent our way.

Blair & T.T.
  1. Dear Blair and TT…oh my what a girl will do to strutt her stuff in the most fashionable way…look at the way the green color brings out the highlights in her eyes..not to mention her pearls…..aka, tiny teeth…thanks much…

  2. OH WOW! I have a Green Sweater too! I hide when they make we wear it, I feel like it makes me look like a watermelon. Tater looks beautiful.

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