Scooter: The Beach Bully

Miss Scooter, our favorite World’s Smallest Bulldog, is here enjoying a little beach time in Va. Beach!
Here at UB HQ we have been pummeled with snow in the last few days (I know, it is December in Colorado), and while Lunchie is enjoying bounding through the piles of powder, Sherbie runs out and runs in as fast as she can. 
So we (OK, particularly me, the warm-blooded one) are quite jealous of Scooter’s romp on the beach…even if it left her a little itchy and unhappy for the ride home. 
That’s the price of luxury, right?
Thanks to Kate for sharing these photos!
  1. The more bullies I meet here at UB, the more I learn that there really isn’t one physical mold for the wonderful English bulldog, is there?!? Phyllis never has to worry that she, (in the famous words of LMFAO,) “walks with a limp like an old school pimp!” Sorry if that’s too raunchy for the blog;)!

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