Behold, The Warbler

If you’re not familiar, Lunchbox is deaf.
And we think it’s because he is deaf that he makes the weirdest doggie noises.
Here we’ve captured Lunchbox exhibiting The Warble.
The Warble comes out when Lunchbox is not getting enough attention. You know, when he’s forced to ride in the backseat of the car, or when he’s on the first floor and we’re on the second.
Or, when we’re not sitting right next to him on the sofa.

What we’ve captured here is actual a mild warble, and has a bit more bark than normal. But be sure to listen through the very end because like any good Warbler, this one builds up steam as he goes along.

  1. OMG that is so cute…if he could fly into engineer Dans lap he would…Great job trying to communicate LB…The ears help alot….

  2. No way! That’s just adorable, LB! Phyllis also has a special, “Hellllloooo…I’m being neglected here!” whine! You should hear the whinnying the girl does all whooped up on her Fentanyl pain patch for her surgeries…it’s all glitter, rainbows and unicorns! I just LOVE bullies:)

  3. So what I’m hearing is that these noises have nothing to do with LB being deaf, it’s a bulldog thing! Sherb never made these noises…but then Sherb can barely bark at all.

  4. Falco heard the Warble and barked, then ran down the stairs to the door to let Lunchbox in. It took a few minutes but he finally accepted that Lunchbox is not coming over to play, and is now giving us the stink with a side of snaggle.

  5. Ohemgee! I love the Warble! Lunch is so cute!!! I’m so glad you captured it. I was trying to imagine what the Warble would sound like and this exceeded my expectations. (Fwiw, Scooter doesn’t warble. But now I wish she did!)

  6. Allison, it’s so cute that you watch the Warbler again and again! We think he’s pretty darn cute too…even if he’s complaining like crazy. Working on a new video right now of Sherb and her geriatric steps…should be ready in a few days. 🙂


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