Lunchbox’s Name That Mammal Contest

Hi guys, Lunchbox here.

Yesterday Engineer Dan left me alone for almost 6 hours. Thankfully I slept for 5 hours and 52 minutes of that time so I didn’t really notice. When he got back he was telling me about this mountain thing he climbed. But it wasn’t Mt. Sherbert so I really had no idea what he was talking about. And more importantly his legs had that wonderful sunscreen flavored dried sweat taste. You see, it is easy to get distracted being a Lunchbox.
Anyways, I think Engineer Dan got tired of me excessively licking his legs and told me that he had a surprise for me. I got swooped up onto his lap to look at the black box thing he stares at a lot. And suddenly there was a picture of a thing on it. This thing!

I was entranced. I thought that it was going to be my new little sibling. Of course, I have no idea what it is. But I want it to be my buddy. Engineer Dan says it is not a dog and probably wouldn’t play with me but I know I would be best friends with it. Just like I am with Sherbert; we will have the best time playing with each other! Though it does look like it has some serious teeth.
I started to beg Engineer Dan to bring one home for me. Please. Pretty please. I promise to do all my chores, please! He just laughed and then said something about domesticating, the HOA’s two dog pet limit, and that I would need to figure out what it was first. Domesticating? That is one of those big words again – I usually ignore them. And I sent Sherbert off to deal with the HOA, but I think she was mumbling about a one dog limit. Anywho, I want one. I just need to figure out what this thing is. Anyone? Help a little guy out here…

  1. Lunchbox, that is one cool animal. It is not a raccoon, this I know because 5 of them lived with us in our walls for a few weeks. This animal looks like it would be good at playing ballie.

  2. Well Lunch ‘ole pal, this looks like a dog, but not like you and I. These dogs live on the prairie. They love the dirt as much as we do on bath day, and we’d be hard pressed to dig holes faster than them, even if are paws ARE four times the size!
    Your bud, Beaudy

  3. Good guesses…but it’s not a raccoon, or a beaver, or a little prairie dog…Here’s a hint: It has its own line of outerwear…What is that thing?

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