Sherbie Does Not Like Tow Trucks

Sherbie does love car rides. Really really long ones. Like 10 hours all the way to Montana, and then 10 more back.

This is part of the reason why Sherbie got to come to Montana, while Lunchbox had to stay home.
The other reason is the rental only took one dog. And well Sherbie is old. (Supposedly.) So Sherbie still trumps Lunchbox in some things and seniority rules. (Not in hip checks though. LB trumps Sherbie in hip checks).

So Engineer Dan and Katie and Sherbie piled into the truck and drove to Montana. No problemo.
Katie and Dan then carried Sherbie up to the garage-top apartment and down. Up and down. Up and down. It was exhausting, really.

At the end of the vacay, Engineer Dan and Katie and Sherbie piled back in the truck. The drive to Montana they did in two parts. The drive back was going to happen in one. Lickety split.

So they plugged in the iPod, and the GPS, and blasted the a.c. at level 3 right in Sherbie’s happy face. It was hot but they were cruisin’. The speed limit doesn’t have a limit in Montana.

And then the RPMs on the truck went zoom. Down to 0.
Hmm. So they pulled over. Engineer Dan used his mathematical powers and he got the car going again.

For about 10 miles. Zoom. Then, back to 0. This was no good. They called AAA.
They found out this bit of Wyoming road wasn’t particularly populated with mechanics.
So they sat in the truck and waited.

Thankfully, they could still use the air conditioning, because as they waited they watched the temperature climb.….108 it topped out.

Snore. Sherbie thought her moving sofa was still moving.

Finally, a real nice fellow with a real long braid showed up.
He hitched up the truck, with Katie and Dan and Sherbie still in it. He cranked it up so high, and then a bit higher. Hmmm. Were they going to get to ride in the truck that was attached to the tow truck?

This could be interesting.

Then he said to hop out. Hmm. Good thing Katie has real long legs.
And real long arms. She’s pretty good at catch too.

So now they’re all sitting in the tow truck. There’s no A.C. It’s 108 degrees. The air is flying, but the air is hot!

They roll into Douglas, Wyoming and the mechanic shop is closed. In fact they’re booked solid for a week. Busy little Wyoming town.

By now Sherbie’s not being modest with her tongue. It’s stretched to max capacity and Engineer Dan looks like there might be something coming out of his ears. Steam, maybe.

So Katie rescues a ice chunk from tow man’s cooler and gives Sherbie a royal rubdown. And she doesn’t mind. Adverse-to-water Sherbie is now resting her head on a giant ice chunk. She’s in a tow truck. With an ice chunk for a pillow. It’s fine. The next town is 66 miles away.

There’s talk of a hotel. Something called vapor lock. It’s fine.
There’s a McDonald’s across the street. They sell delicious mango-pineapple smoothies.

Sherbie eventually stops panting. And the truck eventually cools down enough that it can function properly. No need for a too-busy mechanic.

The next day they get up nice and early. They keep the a.c. on low. They listen to the radio. And they go 65 all the way back to Colorado.

And Sherbie, finally, finds her theme song:

  1. What a great story. Glad the truck still had AC while it was not moving. Gee that could have been a disaster. Well glad you got to go on one long car ride. We love rides too
    Benny & Lily

  2. That is a perfect Sherbie theme song!

    The whole event sounds stressful. Nothing winds me up more than having to worry about my dog in non-climate controlled conditions. Glad it all worked out and you had a good story to tell.

  3. Falco would like to know if the tow truck fella paid any attention to Sherbie? He is very worried that Sherb did not get a proper greeting and respect.

  4. Falco, the truck driver was quite nice and concerned about Sherbie – but to him she was an exotic animal I think. If that tow truck came with A.C. I’m sure he would have had it cranked!

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