Think Tank

Sherbert’s been thinking she hasn’t had enough face time lately. Or enough Dan and Katie time. Or enough R&R. Basically, ever since Thunder Thighs Lunchbox came along, Sherb has felt second tier.

So we plopped her in the car, her favorite place, and for 10 long hours we drove Sherbert to the great state of Montana. Big Sky Country.

While Dan and Katie went to Yellowstone, and went fly fishing, and rode mountain bikes, Sherbie snuggled in her mushroom bed and snored away the day…just like she was at home. But she wasn’t. She was in Montana. Bozeman to be specific.

While there’s plenty more to come about our trip (really, just about our return trip), I spied this building and just had to stage an impromptu UrbanBulldog photo shoot.

And like the dude and his girlfriend said when passing us on the road: “She really contrasts great with that building!”

I thought so too. 
p.s. A big thank you to Thurman, and Bella and Falco, for holding down the fort for a few days while Sherbie soul searched. Tune in soon for the full story of Sherbert, the tow truck, and the miracle ice block. Oh, and maybe we’ll let LB say a thing or two too. But he’s a bit disgruntled at the moment.
  1. Welcome Home Everyone!!! I look forward to hearing about your adventures. I am taking my parents on vacation in two weeks. They are so lucky.

  2. Aww, I’m glad to see Sherbs back. I’ve missed her. Glad she got some time w/ her humans too. Can’t wait to hear what she has to say about the treacherous ride back through Wyoming.

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