Wagon Wednesday — Falco’s Fourth of July

Received an email from @FalcoTheBullie about his Fourth of July wagon ride. Here it is, in his words and photos:

Hi Thurman-

So after two days of having my wagon in the living room, I finally got in. It took some cheese and treats and a trip around the dining room for me to agree to go to the parade in my new ride. Once I realized that this wagon will take some of the effort away from me to get to places…and I get treats every 5 minutes for being “good” it became obvious that this is a good thing.

The other dogs at the parade who were walking clearly are speaking to their humans tonight about my wagon.

My Mom has been all for the wagon for some time, my Dad felt that it was kind of silly and people might think I am a stereotypical lazy bulldog (but I kind of am a lazy bulldog). So he said Mom had to be the person leading the wagon, he was not into it. You will see that we got a nice picture of my Dad giving me a ride!

The wagon ride allowed me to save my energy for more important things, begging for steak at my Grandparents BBQ!

-Falco (with some help from my mothership)

Thanks to Kelly (Falco’s mothership) for translating and sending these pics in!

Got photos of your wrinklebucket riding in a wagon? submit@urbanbulldog.com

  1. I’m so happy Wagon Wednesday was revived! But Sherbert’s asking about the stuffed bear in the picture. And why her wagon rides don’t come with treats. Ahh, the wagon ride is always greener… 🙂
    Keep up the good work Thurman! Off to look for antelope.

  2. “Bruce” my bear made the trip in the wagon because Mom thought I needed the company. On the ride home however I chose to drop him from the moving wagon on the street. Once I saw the fuss people made over me in my wagon, I knew I could not share the spotlight. 🙂

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