Thurman’s Back, Is Tired

Checking in from Baltimore–

We just picked up Thurman from a luxurious 10-day / 9-night stay at the dog hotel while we were on vacation. The staff said he had a fantastic time in “big dog land,” but now he’s exhausted. After a quick bath, he hit the couch and hasn’t looked back.

Also, please make sure you check back later this week for the return of Wagon Wednesday. This episode will feature Falco, a member of Thurman’s twitter entourage. Give him a follow on twitter @FalcoTheBullie & get ready for his patriotic 4th of July wagon ride.


  1. Welcome back commentator Thurman…we are excited that you have rested up for your up to date coverage of all things bulldog, whilst Sherb heads for some R and R with the UB team…Cannot wait to hear about all of your exploits….

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