Zoe and Her Bulldog Bike Chariot, “The Tail Wagon”

Hey Sherbert & Lunchbox,
Check out my latest ride called the Tail Wagon. My mom is teaching me how to ride in it and soon she’ll be attaching it to her bike and we’ll be going for a really long fast ride.

I’m not sure I really like riding in it; but it comes with treats.  Lots of mesh windows for me to see everything along the way.  It can be a stroller or a bike trailer just like the kids ride in.

Let me know what you think (wink, wink).

Bullie hugs to you guys!

KTH here: I’ve already had one request for a link to buy this bad boy, so here’s what I found on Amazon. I just Googled “Tail Wagon”.

  1. Love this! While in LA recently, we saw a runner with a ji-normous bullie in a baby jogging stroller! Whatever works! Poor Phyllis, she’s made to walk to strengthen her still healing shoulder. A little deli ham always helps:)

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