Lunchbox’s Out of Office Message

If you’re gonna be a dog of Engineer Dan’s, you’re gonna go fishing. Sherbert got off easy with a day of casting at the park. Her only inconvenience: sharing her wagon with all those fly rods.

Lunchbox, being younger and spry-er, is forced to go into the WILDERNESS…and then sit on a rock while Dan fishes nearby. It’s the perfect bulldog/engineer bonding time.


This picture makes me think of summer (yes, despite the snow). And summer makes me happy.
So, we’ll begin our second UrbanBulldog contest!

Here’s how it works: Sometime in the month of June (of 2011 of course) I will post this picture again. Be the first one to comment “Catch a big one, Lunchbox!” and you’ll win an 8×10 print of the bulldogs from their infamous Cinco de Mayo photo shoot with the famous Julia Vandenoever.

Good Luck!


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